Important info to our students in Ribe


Welcome to the course in Ribe

On the first day of the course, you must meet in the canteen, where the subject teacher will pick you up.
If you are late, it is important that you call 76 37 37 37 before the course starts, otherwise we will offer your course place to someone else.

What should you be aware of before your course?

Below you can read about the general practical and financial conditions at AMU SYD. 

Important information ribe

  • Cancellation may incur a cancellation fee
    If you are prevented from participating in the course, we ask that you notify us immediately so that someone else can benefit from the place.
    Please be aware that no-shows or late cancellations may result in a cancellation fee. Call us for futher information.

  • In case of illness
    If you get ill during the course, you must call 76 37 37 37 as soon as possible on the first day of illness.
    We will need know your name, Social Security Number, and which course you are attending.
    Remember to also register sick with your employer if you are employed and if you are unemployed with your A-kasse or your Jobcentre.

  • Delayed?
    If you are late, it is important that you call 76 37 37 37 before the course starts, otherwise we will offer your course place to someone else.
  • Work clothes / safety shoes
    Remember to bring your own clothes, safety shoes and any other necessary safety equipment you need during practical work.

  • Security
    AMU SYD, like companies, has a safety committee, which is made up of the school's permanent staff.
    The subject teacher is responsible for ensuring that all safety rules are observed in the class.

  • Changing and bathing
    For those of you who are not accommodated in the dorm, there are bathrooms and changing rooms available.
     Please bring your own towels etc. and possibly padlock for your locker. 
We are far from perfect - but we want to make a difference.
Therefore, you will find that the temperatures, like so many other places, have dropped to 19 degrees at AMU SYD.

As a student at AMU SYD, you are an important part of the (savings) community.

Therefore, remember the following:
  • Turn off unnecessary lights in the room and in the toilet when you leave
  • Find the sweater and take it with you to the course
  • Take responsibility and speak up if you spot new savings opportunities.

You work under your own responsibility when you move around the school and use the school's equipment - including IT equipment:
  • Never store any material containing your personal information on school computers.
  • Be sure NOT to save passwords for your private portals (webmail, websites, etc.).
  • The canteen's opening hours
    • Monday - Thursday
      • 07:30 - 08:00
      • 09:30 - 10:15
      • 11:30 - 12:15
      • 16:15 - 16:30
      • 18:30 - 19:00
    • Friday
      • 07:30 - 08:00
      • 09:45 - 10:00
      • 11:30 - 12:15
If you have classes outside these opening hours, you must bring your own food and drinks.

  • Food
    The canteen has 2 departments:
    • One for you who live in the dorm, where the food is incl.
    • One for those of you who don't live in the dorm, where the food can be purchased additionally.
If your company must pay for your daily meals, they can order in advance and receive a total invoice.
Please don’t hesitate to call us for further information.
  • Meeting time
    You will find the meeting time for your course in your invitation letter.

  • Meeting point
    On the first day of the course, you must meet in the canteen, located in the dorm, where the subject teacher will pick you up.
    You can see the class room number and location on the notice board in the dorm and in the centre's entrance respectively.
    If you are late, it is important that you call 76 37 37 37 before the course starts, otherwise we will offer your course place to someone else.
  • MitID
    For all courses, you must bring your MitID, which must be used in connection with exams/tests.

  • Tests on all AMU courses
    On all AMU courses there is a test at the end of the course. The result of the test is decisive for whether a course certificate can be issued. The tests can be both practical and written.
    You must bring your MitID to be able to take a test.

  • Certifikat
    After you have passed the test, AMU SYD will send your certificate directly to your e-Boks. 
  • Public transport
    If you travel to Ribe by train or other public transport, you can use FLEXTRAFIK to AMU SYD, which is 9 km outside Ribe.
    FLEXTRAFIK can be ordered on tel. 76 60 86 08 and must be ordered NO LATER THAN 2 HOURS before you are to be picked up.
    The price for using FLEXTRAFIK is the current rate and is settled directly in connection with the transport.

  • Parking
    If travel in come by car, you can park right outside the door at AMU SYDs parking lot.

  • Find your way

  • If you are accommodated at Snepsgård, AMU SYD's dorm, there are special conditions you must be aware of.
    Read them all here and familiarize yourself with them thoroughly – to get the most of your stay.

  • If you are not accommodated yet, you can still reach it.
    If you live far away from the school, you can stay at AMU SYD's dorm, Snepsgård - in the middle of green areas close to the course area.
    With us, there are many opportunities for outdoor activities - both during school hours and in free time.
    Call us and learn more about our dorm and how you can be accommodated →
  • Alcohol and drugs
    There are the following guidelines for students at AMU SYD:
    We have a zero tolerance towards alcohol and drugs
    Tests may be carried out.

  • Smoking
    AMU SYD is a smoke-free educational institution. This is a legal requirement with the aim of preventing young people from being confronted with smoking or other use of tobacco products.
    In practice, this means that we at AMU SYD (students, students, guests, and employees) are not allowed to smoke:
    • On our cadastres (meaning all areas belonging to AMU SYD, including car parks, grass areas, entrances and all roads, paths, and passageways)
    • During school hours (meaning in the period from the start of classes until the end of the last lesson, including all breaks and intermediate lessons).
You are always welcome to contact our employees in the student administration for further information.
Phone: 76 37 37 37 or email:

We look forward to seeing you 🙂