Forklift certificate

Forklift certificate




Forklift certificate in English

At AMU SYD you can take the Forklift course in English.
We have a lot of activity on our English Forklift courses, so don’t wait – sign up now!

In Denmark you need a forklift certificate to operate forklifts legally. 
If you work, or want to work, at a warehouse, on a construction site, at a harbor or in an airport, you need to attend a forklift course to acquire the necessary forklift certificate.
A forklift certificate allows you to operate all types of forklifts and counterweight trucks with a vertical mast.
If you are at least 18 years old, and have a driver’s license, you can attend the course. If you do not have a drivers license, you need a medical certificate,
Besides that, everyone can attend the forklift course at AMU SYD, no matter nationality. 
We teach in English, but your English skills do not have to be on a higher level. 
We will teach at exactly your level, and will always make sure, that you understand everything going on in the class, so no worries 😊
The course is held at AMU SYD in Kolding, which is one of the very best vocational schools in the country.
We have great learning facilities, so you will get lots of practical training before the final test.
Yes, but if you don’t have a driving license, you must present a medical certificate to start the course. 
The medical certificate is the same as the one issued for an ordinary driving license.
You will have to spend 7 days at AMU SYD in Kolding.
At the end of the course, you will have to pass a test. 
It is possible to attend the forklift course during both daytime and weekends.
After receiving your forklift certificate, you will have skills to get a job in the transport and logistic industry, at warehouses, in airports and on construction sites.
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Gaffeltruck certifikat på engelsk

Har din virksomhed medarbejdere ansat fra udlandet - og mangler de det lovpligtige truckcertifikat?
De kan tage det på AMU SYD i Kolding - vi underviser på engelsk.