Information for unemployed and employees

about attending AMU courses

When attending AMU courses, the conditions for your participation depend on whether you have a job, are highly educated / not highly educated or you are unemployed/non-employed.

It is therefore important that you read the information that applies to your situation.


Course fees / Cancellation fees

For information on course fees and cancellation fees, please call us.

Unemployed / non-employed workers


Rules of admission

  • If you are unemployed and entitled to unemployment benefits, special admission rules for AMU courses apply. If in doubt, please contact your unemployment insurance fund (a-kasse) or your Jobcenter.
  • If you receive any kind of public support, are employed in a special job offer, or if you are unemployed and have a higher education, you can only attend AMU courses if your job center agrees to pay for your course as well as all additional expenses associated with the course participation. Any requests for accommodation must be approved by your job center.
  • If you are retired or self-sufficient, you will receive a participation form. This form must be sent directly to AMU SYD as a final confirmation of your course participation.


Unemployed with 6 weeks of job-oriented training

  • If you have registered and are entitled to 6 weeks of job-oriented training, you have already received the Form AR237, which you are required to fill in and submit to your unemployment insurance fund (a-kasse).
    NOTE: You cannot attend the course until your unemployment insurance fund (a-kasse) have approved the AR237.
  • While attending the course, you are entitled to claim unemployment benefit. If you want to apply for a mileage allowance, please complete the AB421 form, which is available from the administration at AMU SYD or from your unemployment insurance fund. On the last day of the course you must contact the administration at AMU SYD, who must certify your attendance form. Once this is done, please send the form to your unemployment insurance fund, which will then process your application.
  • If you require accommodation during the course participation, you must apply for a grant from your local job center.



Participation form

If your information letter is accompanied by a participation form, please complete the form and return it to us as soon as possible to confirm you want the course.


VEU (supplementary education for adults) and mileage allowance

Any application for VEU and mileage allowance must be submitted when registering via This applies to both companies and employees. Only if registration is done via AMU SYD, the basis of the application must be provided afterwards. Call us for information and guidance.

Rules for obtaining VEU and mileage allowance

  • You can obtain a mileage allowance in accordance with applicable rules when your daily transportation exceeds 24 km between your home address and the course location. However, there is a limit of 576 km per day. If you have received accommodation, no mileage allowance is paid for transportation between the course site and your location of accommodation. Mileage allowance is calculated based on the of the distance between your home address and the source site – even if you have received accommodation.
  • If you have a higher education which you have used within the past 5 years, you cannot receive VEU and mileage allowance.
  • If you are a trainee or an apprentice, you are not eligible for VEU and mileage allowance.
  • You are not eligible for mileage allowance
    • if the course is held at your company site.
    • if you are not also entitled to receive VEU allowance.


Accommodation during course participation

You can receive an accommodation allowance (total limit: DKK 500.00 per overnight of accommodation), provided that the total distance between your home address and the course site and back exceeds 120 km and you are entitled to mileage allowance.

If you would like to request accommodation, please call us for relevant information, e.g. procedures and rules for allowances, a list of accommodation options and more. Note: You are not entitled to accommodation allowance if

  • you have a higher education and have used it within the past 5 years or are employed in a special job offer
  • the course is held at your company site
  • you are not entitled to mileage allowance


People employed in special job offers

If you are employed in a subsidised job, you or your employer must contact AMU SYD as soon as possible, as special participation conditions apply to you.


Non-Danish citizens

In order to participate in AMU courses as a non-Danish citizen, you must have a Danish contract of employment and a Danish CPR number. If not, you will have to pay the full course fee, and you are not eligible for any allowances or grants.